Dear Editor,  

Women are rapidly catching up to the wealthy and powerful men they have been chasing for a long time.  

But there is an aspect of this race that is not so cool. As women rise up the ladder to get money and power, they are all too often imitating the sins of men. We want them to bring that special loving feminine personality to the table, but do they really? 

The problem is that money and power are just as corrupting for women as for men. Money is the root of all evil, no matter what your gender. Power corrupts whether you are a suit or a sweetie. Gender protects no one from the perils of oppression. 

So, girl power, while plenty of fun, is not the slam-dunk good thing that most advertisers portray it to be. It is all too often a mask for the same old tyrannies that have been around from the beginning.   

By Kimball Shinkoskey