Charles I. Story, President, ECS Group, Inc.

I believe America, as a nation, is at an inflection point. If we do not soon find a way to identify a set of unifying principles that that will heal our great divisions, America, as we know it, will no longer exist. Below, I have delineated why I believe this:

  1. Fear of the “other,” of others who don’t look like we do or have our same lived
  2. Lack of accepted truth. Truth is left up to one’s interpretation/predilection. Acceptance
    of so called “alternative facts.”
  3. Our leaders’ fear of being attacked on social media, which mutes them from telling the
    real truth.
  4. Tribalism: If you don’t believe EVERYTHING I believe, there is no room for you in my
  5. Lack of willingness to compromise for the greater societal good.
  6. An inability, at the most fundamental level, to resolve conflict.
  7. Our acceptance of a guns at all costs culture.
  8. A lack of principled leadership by national, state, and local leaders.
  9. Our leaders being held hostage by various lobbying groups that support them with
    money for their campaigns.
  10. The politicization of the church that is contributing to a lack of moral leadership.
    I sincerely hope that I am wrong and am open to opinions/feedback that challenge my

Charles I. Story, President, ECS Group, Inc. (