Master Chef TV Show Casting in Nashville – TOMORROW!!

NASHVILLE, TN — Master Chef, America’s most-watched cooking competition show, will be in town tomorrow for open call castings. If you know the difference between a pot vs a pan and a stove vs a microwave when it comes to cooking, then this audition is just for you. The Fox Network’s hit show is traveling across the country looking for men and women to compete in the upcoming Season 9, and a chance to be mentored by the ‘master chef’ himself, Chef Gordon Ramsay.

If you want to audition, please visit: www.

Download the application on this site, which also has other KEY INFORMATION that’s required.

Earlier this week, the Tennessee Tribune had the opportunity to chat with Master Chef casting producers Gina Salemi, Ryan Obermeier, and associate producer Ned Johnson, about the process of auditioning for the show.

TRIBUNE:  What are you casting producers looking for in a contestant?

MC CASTING PRODUCER: (NED) “We’re looking for good home cooks. People who are passionate about their cooking and have never cooked for professionally. We want people of all backgrounds from different walks of life, various personalities, who have signature cuisines.”


MC CASTING PRODUCER (Ryan) “We have everyone show up with a dish they’ve prepared at home. There’s no cooking onsite. We usually conduct the auditions at major hotels where they don’t allow cooking. We hire executive chefs in each city to come in and sample contestants’ dishes and go from there. The whole audition process is fun. We try to make it a harmless and positive experience so that everyone walks away feeling like a winner.”

MC CASTING PRODUCER (GINA) “I’d just like to add, that as casting producers, we really want people to bring their personality, their passion for cooking, and their vivaciousness. And we also want to hear their back stories as well. Around here, we call it bringing your ‘personality on a plate.’ We are just as excited to meet the contestants as they are to see us. We can’t wait to see who comes out to Nashville for these auditions!”

The Master Chef casting process can last all the way into December. The casting team says they don’t even know exactly which contestants are selected to go before the cameras until the season premiere show airs. “We don’t know who’s really on the show until it airs,” shares Ryan. “We are on pins and needles and get just as excited as the viewers to see which contestants are chosen to be in the actual Master Chef competition when each season starts.”

The Master Chef Open Casting Auditions will take place, tomorrow OCTOBER 28, 2017 – 9am – 5PM


                     121 4TH AVE S.

Before attending, You MUST first register online at

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