Former First Lady Michelle Obama

By Paul Meara

As voting rights across the country are being threatened, former First Lady Michelle Obama is speaking out and encouraging women to make their voices heard.

During an appearance at The 19th’s Virtual Summit on Friday (August 27), Obama urged women to make their voices heard.

“I encourage every woman within earshot of my voice to think of ways that they can be involved,” Mrs. Obama said at the summit. The 19th is an independent, nonprofit newsroom that focuses on reporting on gender, politics and policy.

States across the country are attempting to and are passing restrictive voter laws, making it harder – particularly for women of color – to vote. Obama says that at a time when lawmakers are trying to take away “the very power that we have to use our voice … making it harder for us to vote, and doing the most undemocratic things you can imagine,” women must “step up and make sure that our communities are protected.”

Republicans in 49 states have introduced legislation to tighten access to voting by making mail-in and early voting more difficult and imposing harsher voter ID requirements.

Michelle Obama has been seen as a key messenger for the Democratic Party on many issues, including voting rights, but also COVID-19 vaccination and healthy living in general.