Michael Watson, owner and founder of Music City Auto Spa, understands that busy professionals value their time. Well aware that so many people have agendas and deadlines, Michael started his company to make sure that the needs of his customer’s cars would never be overlooked. Music City Auto Spa’s goal is to be their client’s personal car concierge, providing a car service that is “showroom clean.”

As the child of two entrepreneurial parents, Michael always knew that he would one day have his own business. “They always installed in me to be a leader and to navigate my own success,” Micheal explained. “What began as a hobby 15 years ago morphed in a career and I have not looked back since.”

Michael has always focused on separating his business from other car washes and detailers. His concierge service not only provides onsite cleaning and detail service, but also valet service for fuel fill up, oil changes, and other services.

While their customers are at work, Music City Auto Spa is at work for them, taking care of all their car care needs.

For more information about Music City Auto Spa contact Michael Watson at mcautospa1@gmail.com or 615-838-8862. To see examples of their services visit instagram.com/mcautospa1.