Nashville, Tenn. (TN Tribune)-Nashville Children’s Theatre is proud to showcase “Strong Inside,” an original world premiere production presented by Vanderbilt University, that tells the compelling story of Perry Wallace, who made history as the first African American basketball player in the Southeastern Conference.

The play, based on the New York Times bestseller and directed by Tamiko Robinson Steele and Ernie Nolan (NCT’s Executive Artistic Director), debuts Thursday, Sept. 7, and runs until Tuesday, Sept. 26. 

The inspirational true story of an athlete turned civil rights trailblazer. When king of the boards” Perry Wallace is recruited and accepted to Vanderbilt, his future not only changes, the country’s changes as well. Wallace makes history as the first African American to play college basketball in the deeply segregated Southeastern Conference. But how do you do something you love while surrounded by hate? This powerful world premiere based on the New York Times bestseller is a portrait of fortitude, portraying how Wallace met unthinkable challenges head on.

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