l-r; MasterChef Judge Aarón Sanchez, Season 9 winner Gerron Hurt, MasterChef Joe Bastianich and the master of all chefs, superstar Chef Gordon Ramsay Photo by @MasterChef / Instagram

By Janice Malone

NASHVILLE, TN — He did it! Gerron Hurt, the Nashville school teacher, is the 2018 winner of Season 9 of the Fox hit show ‘MasterChef.’ Chef Gerron collects a grand prize of $250,000 plus, the coveted title of being the top Master Chef. After Some of the most difficult challenges ever, The MASTERCHEF Finale came down to three incredible home cooks: Ashley (age 28), Cesar (age 33) and Gerron (age 25). But it was Gerron, the English teacher from LEAD Academy High School here in Nashville, who prevailed as the overall winner. “You know, I am truly blessed and so grateful to the show MasterChef,”

Gerron Hurt gets a big congratulations hug from MasterChef Gordon Ramsay

beams Gerron during a recent telephone interview. “I just decided to leave teaching for a little bit in order to compete on the show. I’m so, so excited to have this opportunity. To be able to cook for these prolific judges during the finale, gave me a chance to show everything that my mom and grandmother taught me about cooking,” says the home chef winner who’s originally from Louisville, KY. 

Not only did Gerron cook his way into a cool quarter of a million dollars, but he’s also one of chefs who will be participating in Camp MasterChef 2019. This is an immersive culinary experience designed for kids and teens ages 8-16. It’s an unforgettable week full of cooking, learning, team challenges and fun.

Gerron took the Top Prize with the following menu:

APPETIZER:  Nashville Hot Quail with Fingerling Potato Salad, and Poached Quail Eggs

ENTREE: Carabinero Prawns with Heirloom Grits, Shellfish Au Jus, and Crispy Shallots

DESSERT: Amaretto Chess Pie with a Raspberry Coulis, and Popped Sorghum

Week after week Gerron met the challenge of cooking several different entrees during the show’s intense competition but it was the ‘Seafood Challenge’ that he personally found to be the toughest. “The Seafood Challenge. Man, I tell you, fileting that halibut was tough for me. It was shrimp, crawfish, various types of other fish, it was just so many things that could be done with those kinds of ingredients. It was hard to zero in on one particular idea for a dish…I’m really a southern comfort cooking type of guy. But during the competition, I learned so much about how to cook desserts…MasterChef helped me to get more experienced on baking pies, cakes and cupcakes. I really learned to perfect my baking skills more.  But any dishes that has to do with southern comfort cooking, I’m all in,” reveals Gerron.

The new MasterChef winner is now having to adjust to being recognized by fans.  He shares that he can no longer casually run to the store looking scruffy because fans recognize him and want autographs or pictures. But the main question on everyone’s mind is: What will Gerron do with all of that prize money?  He says: “I would like to open up a culinary program at the high school where I teach.  There’s wedding plans (engaged to Brandi Beckham). Maybe get a food truck; do some pop-ups in different places; do some type of cookbook focused on southern comfort foods; do some traveling and eventually start a restaurant in either Nashville or Louisville.” Congratulations Gerron on the big win and your upcoming nuptials.