The National Black Cultural Information Trust (NBCI Trust) has released the Disinformation InfoGuide for Black Social Media Users. This twelve-page InfoGuide contains definitions, examples, information, resources, and action steps to help Black communities combat disinformation on social media.
This InfoGuide predominantly focuses on Twitter. However, much of the same information applies to various social media platforms, including Facebook and Instagram. It includes ten steps that Black social media users can take to help stop the spread of disinformation targeting our communities. It also provides educational resources and recommended organizations concerning voting rights, civil rights, activism, and cultural awareness.
“It’s imperative that Black communities are aware of intentional actions by bad actors that are attempting to influence how we think and even suppress our votes. One of the biggest issues concerning disinformation online is that many people are unaware that it’s even happening. Then, when people become aware, they are not sure what to do. The purpose of the Disinformation InfoGuide for Black Social Media Users is to educate the public, create awareness, and equip people with actions they can take to combat disinformation targeting our communities,” said Jessica Ann Mitchell Aiwuyor, Founder of the National Black Cultural Information Trust.
In addition to the InfoGuide, NBCI Trust has Public Service Announcements available for free use to podcasters, bloggers, Youtubers, radio, and television stations. NBCI Trust will also host live webinars and online teach-ins to continue increasing public awareness as part of its mission to “correct and challenge cultural misinformation and disinformation surrounding racial/ethnic identity, anti-Blackness, and other false narratives that harm our communities.”
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