Nashville, TN (TN Tribune)–In response to all of the recent shootings and gun violence, international artist Kyle Holbrook painted peace murals in two Nashville locations.

The murals, one at 530 Church St. and the other at
1505 Jefferson St., are meant to be a place of healing for Holbrook and the families of the victims in remembrance of lost loved ones.

Holbrook lost most of his friends from childhood to gun
violence, 45 total victims.

‘Peace Nashville’ is part of a National Stop Gun Violence mural tour to all 50 states.

The murals depict a large hand making the universal symbol for ‘PEACE’ with the words “Stop Gun Violence.”

The murals were painted Downtown in close proximity to Artist Rone’s mural to provide maximum visibility to the mural and attention to the Nashville Arts Community.

Holbrook hand painted the mural in a contemporary street art style similar to ‘Banksy’ to insure the message is easily attained to the audience.

Moving Lives of Kids ( sponsored the murals. Moving Lives of Kids was founded in Pittsburgh and painted murals in 42 states and 43 countries worldwide.