Steven Canals

Steven Canals has previously struck creative gold for FX with the drama “Pose.” It spotlights the ballroom culture of the ‘80s and ‘90s, and was the first show Canals created along with Ryan Murphy. Besides earning multiple Emmy and Golden Globe nominations and getting a breakout Emmy win for main star Billy Porter, it’s earned Canals a lot of attention and exposure in Hollywood. That’s now resulted in a new deal with Disney’s 20th studios.

The new pact, announced this week in the Hollywood Reporter, will allow Canals to continue overseeing “Pose” for FX, while also developing new projects for 20th. “Pose” also earned a Peabody award this season..

“For this Bronx-bred storyteller, I’m thrilled by this new chapter,” said Canals. “Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined having supportive co-conspirators like Dana Walden, Craig Hunegs, Carolyn Cassidy, Howard Kurtzman and their teams. I’m grateful to be partnering with 20th to continue creating original content that centers diverse voices and moves the industry’s needle toward more inclusion and equity.”

“Steven is the embodiment of the original voice we’re always looking for at this studio and like so many others I was captivated by his ground-breaking and award-winning series Pose,” said 20th TV president of creative affairs Carolyn Cassidy. “Howard and I couldn’t be happier that he chose 20th to develop his new projects and feel extremely lucky to be in business with this gifted and talented writer whose storytelling is as specific as it is universally relatible.”

“Pose” returns for its new season later this year.