November 15 is National Recycling Day. The nonprofit Can’d Aid is building a movement to encourage recycling in communities nationwide. In an ongoing partnership with Ball Cooperation, its Crush It Crusade is encouraging individuals to ditch single use plastics and opt for infinitely recyclable aluminum.

Can’d Aid’s Vice President of Strategy + Impact, Sarah Leavitt, has picked her favorite tips and tricks for Nashville and would love to discuss the most important aspects of recycling ahead of National Recycling Day. We’d like to set up an interview to help educate your readers on the importance of opting out of single-use plastics and recycling!

Paper and cardboard are recyclable But nothing with glitter, shredded paper, or greasy or wet cardboard. Davidson County’s recycling contamination rate is 28%, so please make sure to keep these items out of the bin. Glass is recyclable at Recycling Drop-Off Sites No glass is allowed in curbside recycling carts unless you sign up for glass pickup with the city. Plastic bottles and jugs are accepted. But takeout containers, plastic cups, and clear plastic clamshell containers are not. Plastic bags are not recyclable and get tangled in the recycling machines – remember not to put your recycled items into a trash bag before placing them in the bins outside! While Nashville accepts numerous plastic types, only 9 percent of plastic has ever been successfully recycled. Try to drastically limit your use of single use plastic where you can. Aluminum cans and tins are recyclable But tin foil and aluminum trays are not accepted. For larger scrap metal or appliances please search any item on the City of Nashville website to see how to dispose of properly. Once recycled, aluminum cans, cups and bottles are infinitely recyclable and back on store shelves within 60 days.Food scraps and lawn trimmings, and greasy cardboard are compostable through facilities or at home, But make sure to remove all produce stickers, rubber bands, and food ties. This is another way to dispose of some of those paper goods that could not otherwise be recycled. Recycling reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills while conserving natural resources and preventing pollution caused by the need to collect new raw materials. Recycling and eliminating single use plastic from your day-to-day lifestyle is a simple, yet incredibly impactful way to help protect your local environment and build a more sustainable community. Sign the Pledge to Opt to Swap during the month of November in celebration of Crush It Crusade and National Recycling Day on November 15.Please let us know if we can connect you to Sarah for more information on Can’d Aid’s Crush It Crusade.