Faces of Race with Roy Wood Jr. - FINTECH.TV Team: Vince Molinari (Founder & CEO), Roy Wood Jr. (Activist, Comedian, Host), Kavita Gupta (Co-founder & CSO), and Troy McGuire (Co-founder & CCO) Photo credit: FINTECH.TV

NEW YORK — FINTECH.TV, the leading media technology platform for Digital and Impact Investment thought leadership content with a reach of 850M households globally through their online and broadcasting partners, today announced the launch of its new show, Faces of Race with Roy Wood Jr. The 15-episode series, which addresses the ongoing conversation about race in corporate America, will roll out on FINTECH.TV with episodes airing in February during Black History Month, starting with the premiere on Wednesday, February 17.

In one-on-one interviews, Faces of Race seeks to uncover how racism has impacted access to corporate jobs for the Black community and glean insights from Black leaders across a variety of industries, from tech to VC to corporate to the media industry. Each episode demonstrates the value of diversity in a corporate setting and challenges viewers to continue these important conversations.
Guests confirmed for the first five episodes include:
  • Carolynn Johnson, CEO of DiversityInc.  (premiering Wednesday, February 17)
  • Ime Archibong, Head of New Product Experimentation at Facebook and an important voice in their diversity and equality efforts (premiering Friday, February 19)
  • Kevin Fredericks aka KevOnStage, comedian, writer, producer (premiering Monday, February 22)
  • Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator and Managing Director of Y Combinator Early Stage (premiering Wednesday, February 24)
  • Stephan Nicoleau, Managing Director, Head of Capital Formation at FullCycle (premiering Friday, February 26)
  • Additional names and episode roll out to be announced.
“It’s an honor to sit down with titans in their respective fields and have a light-hearted but meaningful conversation about the barriers they’ve broken, the mountains they’ve climbed, and the things we can do collectively to help turn these mountains into a level playing field.” Roy Wood Jr.
“Roy Wood Jr. brings a unique perspective to each of these conversations with Black business leaders who overcame discrimination and adversity in their journeys to where they are today. In order to spark real change in the business world, we must continue having these conversations, some of them uncomfortable, about diversity and equality in a way that is honest and real, which is our goal for this show,” said Kavita Gupta, co-founder, and CSO of FINTECH.TV.
“Following a year of global focus on race, it’s evident that the deep-seated racial injustices in our country requires more attention and action. The system we’ve used collectively to conduct business in regard to diversity and inclusion is clearly broken, and it’s up to current and future generations of business leaders to correct it,” said Vince Molinari, CEO of FINTECH.TV.
Faces of Race series will debut on FINTECH.TV on Wednesday, February 17. Each episode is 30 minutes and is filmed at the FINTECH.TV studio in the Javits Center.
About Roy Wood Jr.
A native of Birmingham, Alabama– the site of one of the most influential Civil Rights Movements in U.S. history – Roy Wood, Jr. couples thought-provoking journalism with a touch of satire to shed light on the serious topics of race equity and discrimination in corporate America. These long-standing, prevalent issues were topics that his father, Roy Wood, Sr. – a civil rights journalist who covered everything from the riots in South Africa to the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. – also addressed with a forward-thinking approach. Roy is a stand-up and can be seen on the Netflix series Space Force as well as a correspondent on The Daily Show.