Atlanta, GA – Jaylin Simone, 12 and Jasmin Alyse 7, are sisters, actress, and models who caused quite a stir when their black actress photo recreations hit social media in 2016. This year the Rutledge sisters return with a tribute to “Hidden Figures” of Marvel, DC and other comic worlds.

While looking at comics with their dad, the sisters wanted to know if Storm, possibly the most popular African American female character in comic world, was alone or were there more? After some researching, they soon discovered some 60 additional African American female characters who made multiple appearances, had traceable back stories and were occasionally featured in television ads.

Some even contained rarely known facts about characters such as with Nubia. Often portrayed as Wonder Woman’s nemesis, Nubia was first referenced and/or appeared as her sister in 1977.

The girls immediately told Mom and Dad that this year’s photo recreation project would center on these characters because “these are the things that inspire African American girls everywhere.” The sisters narrowed it down to the top 20 characters and revealed them to their fan base during black history month 2017. The photo recreations consist of:

Aliyah Bishop                         Amazon

Angela Del Toro                     Ashake

Cecilia Reyes                          Computo

Danica William (Flash)           Erin McKenzie 

Fantomelle                              Frenzy             

Heather Hudson                      Jet                               

M Twins                                  Medea             

Misty Knight                           Monet St. Croix           

Monica Rambeau                    Nubia                           

Shuri                                       Storm

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