SBA Administrator Isabella Guzman

 By Tribune Staff

NASHVILLE, TN — SBA Administrator Isabella Guzman was  in Nashville on Oct. 4 and visited The Tennessee Tribune after taking a walking tour of several businesses on Jefferson St. 

While meeting with Tribune Publisher Rosetta Miller-Perry, she told the administrator  about the many disappointments that Jefferson Street Black businesses had with  Federal Government’s promises. She said that under every administration, except the last one (who never came to Jefferson Street), “they come, they see, they leave, we never hear from them again ever.”

Miller-Perry further stated she was disgusted that 99% of the PPL loans  were given to white prominent and wealthy businesses  and nearly 0% to Jefferson Street Black businesses including The Tennessee Tribune which received such a small check that she almost sent the check back to her bank.

The publisher also told Guzman that Washington needs to do less promising to the Black community and begin a long over due recovery for Jefferson Street business owners. Finally, she stated that if President Biden is sincere, then Guzman will return and meet privately with Black business owners only and hear our concerns. Miller-Perry stated that she was appalled that she was. expected to share her private business concerns with Guzman’s community walking tour members.  She said there was plenty to share but she would not do so with a large group of women even though many were her friends but her business was not their business. 

Miller-Perry concluded by saying, if the government is sincere then officials will meet with Jefferson Street business owners. Furthermore, she said businesses on Jefferson Street do not need community involvement to discuss our business with the federal government. In conclusion, she suggested a critical  meeting with the secretary and Jefferson Street  Black business owners expeditiously.