Former Berkeley, CA Mayor Eugene “Gus” Newport

NASHVILLE, TN — Scarritt Bennett Center will host its Inaugural Radical Change Banquet on Saturday, October 15, at 6 pm (CT).  Scarritt ceased being a college and graduate school institution in 1987 and emerged as Scarritt Bennett Center in 1988.

Scarritt College for Christian Workers was founded in 1878 and moved to Nashville, TN in 1924  from Kansas City, Missouri, where it became Scarritt College for Christian Workers. At the time the College did not allow African American Students due to the Jim Crow laws. However, in September 1952, two Negro women (Delaris Johnson and Lelia Robinson), enrolled at Scarritt College for Christian Workers as graduate students and went on to graduate on June 3, 1954.  Because of their bravery, their actions would pave the way for others.

In commemoration and continued celebration of the integration of Scarritt College, this event will also celebrate the contributions of members of the community and organizations who embody the four tenants of the former Scarritt College and Scarritt Bennett Center. Those tenants include Racial Justice, Spiritual Formation, Transformative Education, and Women’s Empowerment.

The night will be filled with entertainment and great food as we honor community leaders who are radical change agents with the Scarritt Bennett Tower of Justice Award. Honorees are:

• Mike Hodge, Organizing Director,   NOAH and Scarritt College Alumni

• Dr. Forrest Harris, President,   American Baptist College

• Clemmie Greenlee, Founder,   Mothers Over Murder

• Cecilia Prado, Co-Director,   Workers Dignity

• Dr. Emilie Townes, Dean,  Vanderbilt University Divinity School

• Jim Polk, Scarritt Bennett  Center Board Member, and Scarritt College Alumni

Mayor Eugene “Gus” Newport, former Mayor of Berkley, CA, and Member of the National Council of Elders, will be the keynote speaker.

Entertainment will be provided by Bernard Harris & Friends. And so much more!

The Inaugural Radical Change Banquet will be held on the beautiful historic campus of Scarritt Bennett Center.

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Great things are happening at Scarritt Bennett Center!

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