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Tennessee Cop Fired After High-Fiving Man Using N-Word

A Tennessee police department fired one of its officers who was caught on video high-fiving a man who used a racial slur.According to The Tennessean, which filed a public records request, the Franklin Police Department fired officer Seth Schilling last November after the video surfaced.Schilling reportedly responded to a call for a disorderly customer using homophobic and racial slurs at a bar in October. In the parking lot, Schilling approached a group of men who were not the reason for the original call. One of the men asked if it was illegal to use the n-word and another in the group used the n-word and said “See! First Amendment! First Amendment!” which made Schilling smile and high-five the second man. The two then agreed they supported former president Donald Trump.A video that showed the interaction and the high-five was posted on social media but it and the account have since been deleted.

During interviews Schilling said he high-fived the man for supporting Trump and free speech and was not aware video had been recorded. He also said he high-fives a lot of drunk people he interacts with and he instinctively “went for it” when the man put his hand up.

Schilling told internal affairs investigators that he was trying to keep the situation calm.

Several higher-ranking officials within the Franklin Police Department concluded Schilling had acted inappropriately, and even irresponsibly, and the officer was fired. A previous performance review that said Schilling sometimes displayed poor decision-making was also cited.