Tennessee Playwrights Studio (TPS) announces directors for THAT WOMAN – THE MONOLOGUE SHOW (co-produced w/ Angela Gimlin), THAT WOMAN – THE DANCE SHOW and DON’T LOOK BLACK by Preston Crowder.

Stephanie Houghton (Director, THAT WOMAN – THE MONOLOGUE SHOW) fell in love with theater in high school and acted in numerous high school and college productions in her Missouri hometown. After graduating from college, she moved to New York City and got involved behind
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TPS’s own Molly Breen will direct THAT WOMAN – THE DANCE SHOW, and she is proud to introduce its Director of Choreography: Jodie Mowrey!

Jodie Mowrey (Director of Choreography THAT WOMAN – THE DANCE SHOW) has been dancing her whole life and singing for half of it. She started with Evansville Dance Theatre’s pre-professional company in Indiana, where she performed multiple roles including the Snow Queen in the Nutcracker. From there she went on to study dance at Interlochen Arts Academy see more

Alicia Haymer (Director, DON’T LOOK BLACK by Preston Crowder) is always excited when the opportunity to direct another compelling piece of work comes about. She’s had the pleasure of directing with Actor’s Bridge Ensemble, Street Theatre Company, Nashville Story Garden, Kindling Arts Festival, and Nashville Repertory Theatre. Alicia has also directed developmental see more
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February 20th was our inaugural TPS Workshop for 2022, with pages from THE BASSET TABLE by Jaclynn Jutting, GREAT BEND by Kenley Smith, and AN OFFERING by Emmalee Manes. Thanks to participating actors: Robert Chambers, Candace Omnira, Brittany Childers Nelson, Micheal Walley, Josh Kiev, Karla Dansereau, Jay Rudolph, David Ian Lee, Annika Burley, Terri Occhiogrosso, Matt Bettinson, Andrew Gateley, Jon Royal, Paj Jackson, Christan LeNell, Orlando Cortez and Howard Synder! 

For TPS actors who would like to plan ahead for availability purposes, our workshop dates through July are:

March 20, 1-4 pm
April 17, 1-4 pm
May 15, 1-4 pm
June 5, 1-4 pm
July 17, 1-4 pm

If you are an actor who is not currently on our list and would like to join to learn about auditions, call for actors for workshops and other opportunities, please email molly@tnplaywrights.org with headshot/resume/age range. As workshops are virtual for 2022, actors are welcome from anywhere in and outside of Tennessee in 2022.

TENNESSEE PLAYWRIGHTS STUDIO is a playwright development lab and theatre production company that was founded in 2018 by Kenley Smith and Molly Breen to offer in-state playwrights the opportunity to develop fresh, incisive scripts that reflect a changing world. In 2019, we broadened our scope to include theatre production of projects developed in Tennessee, and our first World Premiere production was MAIDENS by Kenley Smith. In January of 2021, we formed a partnership between TPS and two of the most productive and dynamic Black-owned theatre companies in Nashville: Destiny Theatre Experience and SistaStyle Productions for collaboration on the production of new works and our TPS Talks and TPS Scripts programs.

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