In light of Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee announcing that your state will no longer take grant money from the CDC for HIV care and prevention, we think your readers would be very interested in our 6th annual STD study that ranks Memphis as the #1 city for highest STD rate in the U.S. If you’d like to cut to the chase, you can check out the full study here.

Revealed: Memphis, TN Ranks #1 For Most STD Cases In The U.S.

Throughout our study, we noticed that states who are among the lowest in healthcare spending per capita like Mississippi, Tennessee, and South Carolina, account for the 3 highest STD rates in the U.S.

We also noticed that out of the top 20 cities with the highest STD rates in our rankings, 16 of them are led by Democratic mayors.

Study Finds, 17 Of Top 25 Cities With Highest STD Rates Are In States With Healthcare Spending Below National Average

When looking at how each city compares to last year, there were some major changes.

Biggest downward movements in this year’s rankings included:

Norfolk, VA, rose 19 spots from 29 → 10
Columbia, SC, rose 15 spots from 18 → 3
Cleveland, OH, rose 14 spots from 25 → 11
Memphis, TN, rose 11 spots from 12 → 1
Little Rock, AR, rose 11 spots from 19 → 8