l-r; Rashida Tlaib, Sharice Davids, Ilhan Omar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Pressley

By SemDem

I belong to several groups on social media that reminisces our time in the military. They are apolitical, but sometimes stupidity seeps in. Trump, in a political stunt, deployed thousands of troops along the border. Their base of operations is Joint Base San Antonio, which is where I used to serve.

My brothers and sisters out there are miserable.  No mess tent. No electricity. No mission.  They literally have nothing to do.  They are going to miss Thanksgiving with their families.  The Pentagon admitted it has been a waste of time, resources, and money (Est. $200 million). It’s been a major drain on morale, and Trump has essentially forgotten about them now that he lost the election.

One soldier posted a picture of what #MAGAmorons think they are doing—a bunch of fully armed soldiers in a trench with M-16s trained on a target, but he superimposed it with reality: servicemen in mud picking up garbage.  Well, that started it…

Most people jumped in and agreed it was all stupid, but a few—especially one guy–went nuts. He said Trump was trying to protect the real ‘merica from the influx of Muslims and Mexicans. In response, I posted the picture above and reminded him that they aren’t coming, but are already here, and oh—they are his leaders now. (And something to the effect of “suck it”.)

Boy, oh boy. ALL CAPS came at me: SOCIALIST this, INVADERS that… on and on. It inspired me to use this photo in a few more GOP safe spaces, and I always get the same reaction of ranting and raving. I don’t think there’s any other photo that I’ve posted that had such a visceral reaction. It encapsulates all their fears at once: women in power, minorities in power, the changing face of America, and the obvious fact that their long-term strategy of appealing to bigotry is starting to fail.    

And it’s just going to get worse for my conservative friends.

Thanks to Trump, the GOP-gerrymandering ploy to pack suburbs in their districts backfired: college-educated women denounced Trump and voted Democrat. The GOP has done so much self-inflicted damage that I don’t see how they are going to win them back anytime soon.

Demographics are also not on the GOP’s side. The nation is getting younger and darker, and they are voting.  An entire horrified generation of activists has been created after witnessing inaction with  mass shootings, racist attacks, justifications for sexual assaults, and depraved policies that allow things like children being thrown in cages. Movements were created that made electoral contests all over the nation in play (OK, UT, VA, GA, AL, etc.) I reminded my friend that his home state of Texas will have more Hispanics than whites in a five years—with about a million turning voting age by next presidential election.

My point is—the picture above is not the anomaly that the GOP is hoping it is. It’s the new reality. They are right to be afraid. (Or should I say wrong to be afraid?)

And it keeps getting worse:  it’s not just diversity that the new freshman are bringing, it’s a rejection of the old guard’s appeasement policies. This new group knows a thing or two about fighting, and they are aiming for a bold, new progressive agenda. Some of it may seem far-fetched now, but give it a few years. America is changing, and a progressive revolution is coming. 

This is our time, or as I put it so eloquently to my friend…… “suck it”. 

Just remembered that back in January, the GOP was really looking forward to this election. Lots of stories from rightwing media, like this pathetic piece from RedState, that the GOP will have all these pickups because the Democrats didn’t stand and clap at Trump’s State of the Union address. Yup, they sure called it…that was the big issue this election.