By  Janice Malone

New Jersey native Stevie G is a multi-diverse singer, songwriter and poet whose talents are making a strong impression with fans throughout social media. He currently has a new book of poetry, (Poetic Soul) and a new EP/LP Love Search. 

The album features 7 original songs penned by Stevie himself. Each song delves into the various expressive emotions we all experience, ranging from love, joy to sorrow.

Like his music, Stevie’s book of poetry expounds even further on these natural human feelings.

It’s a collection of forty-eight poems that vividly feeds the soul. In addition to his new book and album, Mr. White’s new single Bye-Bye Boo is all the rage among fans on Tik Tok.

The catchy, soulful tune has a memorable beat that listeners can’t seem to get enough of. According to Stevie G, the song was based on an actual true story from his own life. 

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