(photo courtesy of Jaren J. Hampton Productions)

By Janice Malone

The dictionary defines the term “double standard” as: a set of principles that applies
differently and usually more rigorously to one group of people or circumstances than to
another. But for Nashville-based playwright/actor/director Jaren Hampton, the term takes on a totally different meaning. DOUBLE STANDARD is the title of Jaren’s upcoming new stage play that will premiere August 20, 2022, at Mount Zion Baptist Church (Old Hickory Blvd. location). Doors open at 4:30pm. Show starts at 6pm.

Tickets available at EVENTBRITE.COM The multi-talented playwright shares insight about the storyline. “The plot-line kind of follows the traditional definition in a sense. The story is really about occurrences take that exists in everyday life–kind of a man versus woman type thing or the different dynamics and the different stereotypes of each. So, I combined it all and put it on stage as a play.”

This is the 8th stage play written, directed and produced by Hampton and his Production company “Jaren J. Hampton Productions. The cast members for the upcoming show includes Jaren, along with some of Nashville’s most talented actors: Maurissa Ricketts, (lead actress); Tay Epps (lead actor); Markeya Douglas (“Aunt Ethel”); Mani Mills air personality/actress from 101 The Beat Radio.

Jaren began writing Double Standard in late December of 2019, finishing it by May of 2020. Like so many events throughout the world, the premiere of the play was delayed because of the pandemic shutdown.

Hampton graduated college from Middle Tennessee State University in 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications. Jaren recalls remembers wanting to be an actor since age 5.

After years of being involved in several stage plays, short films, web series and feature films
throughout the years, he finally decided to write his own stage play entitled “Family Ties”, that debuted in February 2014 to a sold-out audience. With the success of this play, Hampton was inspired to continue to write stage plays to provide an opportunity for himself and other local actors and actresses by giving them the chance to be able to do something that they love and enjoy. With the success of his stage plays, in 2016, Hampton was awarded the “Young Entrepreneurs Award” for outstanding entrepreneurial work in stage, film & journalism.

In 2019, Hampton took his play “The Wedding” to Chicago to perform in the “Taste of Theatre” competition where they won 1 st place and he was awarded the playwright award.
“I promise this upcoming play will be our biggest and best one yet,” says Jaren.

For info on future shows, auditions, and to see what Jaren is working on next, you can follow him on Instagram: @jarenthegreat Twitter: @jarenthegreat and on Facebook: Jaren J. Hampton Productions.