Kevin Byard

By Ron Wynn

NASHVILLE, TN — With various NFL players appearing on video last week and others making public statements in the wake of nationwide protests about police brutality and social justice, Titans’ safety Kevin Byard appeared on national television to make some powerful statements of his own.  Byard was a guest on Fox Sports 1’s Jim Rome show last Wednesday and he spoke with conviction regarding both what happened to George Floyd and his view on race relations and the importance of team unity.

“First and foremost, my condolences go out to George Floyd and his family,” Byard said. “When things like this happen, those conversations definitely spark up. It’s something that can be uncomfortable, but I think it is something that needs to happen. Just recently, our locker room and our staff and everybody, we are all having conversations, really great conversations. And I think that’ good.”

“A lot of times we are out there searching for answers — everybody is looking for ways they can help and ways they can do certain things,” Byard continued. “But if you educate yourself on the history of Black people… and if you really understand the history, you would have more understanding of why people are so upset with police brutality and then you would be able to be more empathetic with what is going on. you ave Goodle and so much information in the world, and if we educate ourselves with what is going on…When I talk to my people, Black people, if you educate yourself with what is going on, know who you are, you can find ways to be able to advance yourself. Talk to your family and find ways to advance our race honesty.”

He concluded with a theme of hope and love, saying “Do everything in love — hate doesn’t cure anything. Do everything in love, and love on one another no matter what race you are. That is my message.”