This file photo shows Franklin Mayor Ken Moore, Left, and Shorter Chapel AME Church pastor Dr. Kenneth Hill (right) who founded Unite Williamson following the Charleston church shooting of 2015.

Franklin, Tenn. (TN Tribune)–Franklin Mayor Dr. Ken Moore and faith communities from the Williamson County area will unite for a community-wide time of prayer for comfort, healing, and unity in the wake of another mass shooting in our country and ongoing racial strife.

The event will be Tuesday, May 24, at noon at First Presbyterian Church, Franklin.

The recent mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York has been described as an act of racial terrorism. It appears from news accounts that the shooter traveled from a different community to intentionally target African Americans.

Unite Williamson released the following statement: “Our hearts struggle to give voice to the many emotions we feel after such a horrific event – sorrow and support for the victims and their families, discouragement and anger at the racial hatred expressed, concern about the ongoing vitriolic discourse pulsing through so many arenas of our common life, and how too many times that discourse ends at the point of a gun. Yet in the midst of these difficult feelings, we as people of faith long to summon all of us to embrace the ‘better angels of our nature,’ to speak hope, love, unity, peace, healing, and comfort. We want to gather with the various faith traditions that make up our community to lift our voices as one to God in lament and hope, asking God to make away for us.”