NASHVILLE, TN — Watson Grove Missionary Baptist Church (WGMBC) hosts its annual ThanksLiving Fellowship Meal on Thanksgiving Day. The annual event will be hosted at two locations this year, because of the growing impact of multiple communities. A traditional Thanksgiving meal, with an upscale atmosphere, will be held at the church’s main location, as well and Thurgood Marshall Middle School. This year we add a North Nashville location by partnering with New Covenant Christian Church. Social services, ministry and a day of fun are provided by WGMBC for anyone interested in attending and serving the underserved citizens of the Nashville Community.

In partnership with Belmont University, 92Q and Kroger the church is proud to support and bless the Nashville community with an upscale, catered event. The event will be from 11 a.m.-2 p.m. on November 23. Transportation to either the WGMBC location (1415 Horton Ave., Nashville, TN 37212) or the North Nashville location New Covenant Christian Church (2201 Osage St, Nashville, TN 37208) will be available through the church’s transportation system.

“I have a passion for seeing people unite and utilize their resources to make a difference in the lives of others,” said John R. Faison, Sr., Senior Pastor of WGMBC. “The church has a responsibility to reach out to the community. It is in the DNA of our church, to live a life of Thanksgiving through Generosity. And Generosity is one of the Grove’s core values. In every community, there is work to be done and having the opportunity to host an event like this is a gift and an honor.”

An upscale, ‘5-star’ Thanksgiving meal for to the community, is designed not solely to provide a hand out to those in need but to empower individuals served while creating a positive atmosphere for fellowship between recipients and the volunteers, positive interaction between participants and sponsors. This event reinforces the component of sharing time with family and friends during Thanksgiving.

Last year’s ThanksLiving Fellowship meal event served more than 400 people, at three different locations and, provided a live jazz band with, servers dressed in professional wait staff attire and surrounded by elaborate decor. The event also included a live broadcast from Dr. ToyLisa Mitchell of 760  AM.  Pastor and Mrs. Faison will serve as hosts for the event and will continue to build on the significance of generosity and thankfulness.

“At ‘The Grove’ we believe strongly in giving to others and to God out of the appreciation for what He has given to us,” said Jeremy Hill, Executive Minister for Watson Grove. “Generosity has the power to change one’s life, and the most rewarding part is when people explain to you how much this event means to them and their family.”

Several local businesses and sponsors are teaming up with WGMBC to support this communal event. Those interested in helping or contributing non-perishable, Thanksgiving-related food items or simply looking for a volunteer opportunity, please email

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