Earlier this year WeGo Public Transit began offering its new fare payment system, QuickTicket. 

With it, riders can get on board using either the QuickTicketTN app or a reloadable card. Users simply create their account on QuickTicket and add money, easing the worry of losing their paper magnetic ticket. Riders simply tap the app or card when boarding.

Another advantage of using QuickTicket is fare capping—riders will never pay more than $4 a day/$65 a month, no matter how much they ride, WeGo representatives said, and it’s a money-saving alternative to ride-sharing platforms like Uber and Lyft and saves money when factoring in the cost of gas and parking downtown. Utilizing QuickTicket also reduces the stress of navigating congested downtown traffic.

Bryan Williams, WeGo’s performance oversight manager, has been tapped to oversee QuickTicket. Courtesy Photo.

Bryan Williams, performance oversight manager, oversees QuickTicket. He was promoted from his previous role as fare revenue systems administrator.

“Bryan brings a decade of transit industry experience in a wide variety of roles,” said Dan Freudberg, Deputy Chief Operating Officer. “I’m excited to have Bryan leading this newly organized department, which will focus on using data to inform continuous improvement efforts in both service reliability and operational efficiency.”

“I’m very excited to take WeGo to the next level in transit payment,” Williams said. “For years, it has been difficult for customers to purchase our more expensive passes. Pay-as-you-go allows you to earn a monthly pass to local services while making small weekly deposits. My job at WeGo is to help everyone and I look forward to making paying for our services a little easier. “

Williams’ passion for transit goes back to when he was five years old. He would often ride the bus while his mother was behind the wheel–and before the advent of automatic steering.

“Admiring her work I wanted to be a driver just like her. And just like a parent, she wanted more for me,” Williams said. “Seeing her move up the corporate ladder to the head of the agency inspired me to keep moving as well. I try to do what I feel is right, and what I feel may be helpful to others. Whether it’s the people who use our services or the ones keeping our buildings clean, my goal is to help.”

Visit QuickTicketTN.com for more info, or visit WeGo through social media (@WeGoTransit) to keep up with the latest news and special offers from WeGo.