NASHVILLE, TN – Jack Vale, a popular American YouTuber and family entertainer, today announced the launch of his latest venture,NASHMASH, a two-day convention in Nashville, Tennessee bringing together iconic family-friendly social media creators, influencers, pranksters and comedians happening June 3-4, 2023. This event is for fans and content creators alike. Tickets for the inaugural event are on sale. To learn more about NASHMASH and to purchase tickets, visit

“NASHMASH is an opportunity to bring social media celebrities together to share our journeys and some laughs with fans who are interested in learning more about how everyday people gained a following and started entertainment careers via social media platforms,” said Jack Vale, founder of NASHMASH and celebrity YouTuber and Podcast Host of The Jack Vale Show. “As a full-time online creator for 15 years, one of the things I have loved the most was watching the industry evolve. I’ve made friends and connections in the space and have learned so much about it. I really wanted to create a fun, weekend event in my hometown that would bring like-minded creators together to meet fans. This will be the very first event of its kind in Nashville!”

NASHMASH features an exciting lineup of social media stars who produce family-friendly content. The first phase of the lineup includes:

  • Jack ValeJack is known for using his “Pooter” to fart in elevators, shopping centers, public places startling and stirring up all kinds of reactions from his unsuspecting “prank victims”. (5 Million Followers)
  • Ed Bassmaster: You know and love him from his prank videos as these characters: Chip Diamond, Teste, Skippy, Hacker, Tequila, Mumbles, Bluetooth Man, Ugly Face, Bushman. Just Look at it. Psh. Bartle Doo. (5 Million Followers)
  • AdleyAdley and the team at Viralish Media have been entertaining people on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat for more than 10 years. (Over 10 Million Followers and over 1 Billion Monthly Viewers)
  • Tom MabeFor more than two decades this Kentucky comic has made millions of fans with his prank phone calls, viral videos, stand-up comedy, a television show and much more. (2 Million Followers)
  • Jay Karl: Jay Karl just loves to help people laugh at themselves and then post it online so people can laugh at them too. (3 Million Followers)
  • Trilogy MediaTrilogy Media Inc’s main purpose is to alert the public about scams in society and offer awareness with their comedic videos that shed light on detrimental scammers. (1 Million Followers)
  • Chris and ChenoaMarried at 19 and 20, Chris and Chenoa share openly about their lives and love to pull pranks on each other. (1.7 Million TikTok Followers)
  • Gilstrap TVDerek Gilstrap loves to make people laugh and share it with the world on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. (1.4 Million Facebook Followers)
  • Humor BagelThe Bagel Tribe is all about embracing your inner weirdness, not taking things so seriously, living fearlessly, and most importantly… always finding the humor in life. (500k Followers)
  • TN4PMichael and Tyler make videos they think are funny and will give you a good laugh! (250k Followers)
  • Leigh-Allyn BakerLeigh-Allyn Baker is well-known for her recurring roles as Ellen on ‘Will & Grace’ and Hannah Webster on ‘Charmed’. She is also recognized for her starring role as Amy Duncan in Disney’s ‘Good Luck Charlie’.
  • Josh SussmanJosh Sussman is best known for his role as Hugh Normous in Wizards of Waverly Place and his role as Jacob Ben Israel in Glee.

Additional guests and speakers will be announced leading up to the convention. Attendees will be able to sign up for presentations, panel discussions, Q&As and meet-and-greets with social media and mainstream celebrities. There will also be opportunities to obtain photographs and autographs. With the combined following of the content creators who are headlining NASHMASH so far, there are more than 20 million social media followers and more than 20 billion video views.

“NASHMASH is a convention on a mission to inspire attendees and make them laugh,” said Vale. “We want this event to be something families can look forward to in 2023. This is that once in a lifetime vacation they never thought possible. I never expected to become a familiar face in American homes. As a father of five, I have played several pranks on my kids and felt compelled to share my brand of family-friendly comedy with the world. I am grateful my fans appreciate a good old-fashioned fart joke and I’m absolutely convinced that people who laugh a lot are happier and healthier in general.”


Jack Vale started his YouTube channel in 2007 and began posting prank videos. Today, he is recognized as one of the original pranksters and YouTubers. Vale’s videos have been viewed more than 10 billion times collectively and he has 5 million loyal followers between YouTube and Facebook. Many of his pranks are completed in Huntington Beach, California, Las Vegas, and near his home in Nashville, Tennessee. Vale has performed pranks on various celebrities at the 53rd Grammy Awards and has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Fox and Friends, CNBC, The Doctors, and several more TV shows for his family-friendly entertaining pranks. 

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