If you’re a driver who really loves to drive an attention-grabbing car, the new 2020 BMW X4 Competition is just for you! It’s packed with power and made to maneuver.  BMW M excels on the highways and in the city streets.

The X4M is a high-performance vehicle you can drive every day. It’s blistering power is matched with responsive handling to deliver track-level performance in every maneuver. With near perfect 50/50 weight distribution, newly developed M xDrive and M-engineered suspensions and differentials, M elevates BMW’s signature handling to the highest degree.

BMW’s legendary engineering lies at the heart of every X4M. Generations of award-winning engines deliver prolific power and torque. State-of-the-art M TwinPower technology generates more power from fewer cylinders, with every engine precision-tuned to deliver more than 100 horsepower per liter.

Defined design gives the X4 unmistakable presence, from the low coupe roofline and distinctive spoiler, to the dramatic air breathers and muscular, powerful shoulders.

Have a seat. Every seat feels exclusive, Performance orientation is evident in the lightweight 10-way power front M Sport Seats. While you put the M4 through its paces, the 4-way lumbar support and power-adjustable side bolsters keep you planted in place.

The quick-shifting 8-speed Sport Automatic Transmission, in combination with standard xDrive, The 6-cylinder engine delivers 425 hp and a full 406 lb-ft of torque at 1850 rpm. BMW M engineers added a forged single-piece magnesium crankshaft, racetrack capable oil sump, and lightweight pistons to reduce weight without compromising performance.

X4M offers the ideal balance of handling and agility with a near-perfect 50/50 weight distribution and refined standard M suspension, which allows for improved driving dynamics for a sportier feel. 

THE NUMBERS:  MSRP: From $73,400 – MPG: 14 city / 19 highway