It’s that time in life again. It’s time for country music’s favorite party cowboys, the award-winning superstar duo Big & Rich, to release a new album. The long-awaited new release, DID IT FOR THE PARTY, drops this week (September 15th) and their legions of fans will be having a poppin-sloppin good time in celebration of the new music. Known for their timeless party anthems like “Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy),” which was just included by “CBS This Morning” for their Spotify Playlist, the duo continues to defy the odds since launching Big & Rich Records.

The highly anticipated project features 13 brand-new songs, all produced by the larger than life, Big Kenny and John Rich.

Did It For The Party will bring Big & Rich’s music to a whole new level. In addition to the lead single, the remainder of the album is classic Big & Rich, featuring a combination of upbeat anthems like the “Congratulations (You’re A Rockstar)” and “No Sleep,” while also showing the hell raiser’s softer side in the ballad, “Turns Me On.”

Shortly before the album’s release, Big Kenny sat down with the Tribune to answer 5 Questions about their new music. He even offers some song suggestions to support some of the upcoming important events that may be coming soon in their fans lives..

TRIBUNE: Hi, Big Kenny. Such a pleasure to chat with you. I’m a long-time fan, I’ve been following the direction of one of your big hit songs “Save a Horse, (Ride a Cowboy). I’m still riding cowboys and horses, so yeah! BIG & RICH (Big Kenny): Great! That is good news right there! (he laughs)

TRIBUNE: You guys have a new album – ‘Did It For The Party.’  What in particular about this album will bring your music to a whole new level as compared to the previous releases? BIG & RICH (Big Kenny): Well, I think it just has to do with all the practice, just nonstop going at it. All these years you just keep writing, and work continuously, just trying to expand boundaries, and bring that fresh sound of the times of our lives into our music. We call this record ‘Did It For The Party’ – that’s a song on the record now – but we realized some of the greatest things that have happened at times in my life are just when we got together to have a good time. You know, when you’ve got things that you’re passionate about, that you love doing, and you’re doing it with people that you love being with, or love being around, great things come from that. But these songs, this is the stuff that has inspired us as songwriters, from the stories that we’re writing about to the rhythms of the music and everything that we put together in this collection of songs on this album. This is kind of a capsule of this time of our lives, and hopefully, as we keep going at it, and keep being out there playing our hits, and our news songs with all of our fans, and our fan base keeps and growing.”

TRIBUNE: Of these thirteen new songs, which one would you personally recommend be played for a bachelor’s party? BIG & RICH (Big Kenny): Well, that would have to be something like ‘Turns Me On’. That’s one of them that, when we got into writing on this record, as we’re getting together and playing our new stuff constantly, I realize that was one that, every time there was a group, all the girls would say, ‘What is that? Can you play it again?’ So, that would mean if they hear something like that coming from their man or whatever, then it’s probably going to turn them on. So, I would say bachelor or bachelorette party, that would probably work pretty good.”

TRIBUNE: So, which one would you recommend for a divorce party then and which song for a wedding?? BIG & RICH (Big Kenny): Oh god. A divorce party? You may as well ‘oh hell’ with it and play a little of the track ‘ Funk In The Country’. And for a wedding, I would play ‘Lie, Cheat or Steal’, because actually, that started as a toast that I would do, and I’ve done it at weddings, I’ve done it all sorts of places, but one day, it all of a sudden hits that this could be a song, and boy, talk about a sing-along.  But if I had a wish for someone, and it’s a wish that could be done at a wedding, or if you just have a wish for anyone, if you’re going to lie, cheat, or steal, make sure it’s not the wrong kind of lie, cheating, or stealing. Make sure you steal a kiss, cheat on death, and lie with the one you love. So, it just kind of takes and twists the concept, and turns it up on its heels, adds a positive spin to it. So, I would wish that for anyone, especially at their wedding.”

TRIBUNE: This is now your tenth year of doing the ESPN College Day theme song “Coming to Your City.” Any predictions for who’s going to win the college national championship this year? Alabama? Clemson? Ohio State? Michigan? Who do you like? 

BIG & RICH (Big Kenny): It’s really neat that country music has been able to make such an impact on the College Game Day show. We’re super excited that we’re going into our tenth year of partnering with ESPN to introduce the College Game Day show every Saturday morning to so many fans out there. It’s so awesome to hear from so many people. Whenever we’re flying and going through airports, especially in the fall time, how many times do we get pulled aside by people that know of us because they were introduced to country music through the College Game Day football show? It’s opened up their minds to all sorts of country music, you know? So, it continues to be an awesome thing to be a part of, and we’re certainly happy to be involved with it again this year. Well, I could sit here and make predictions of the ones who are probably probable to win the college national title, but I’ve also got to say that I’m from Virginia, with lots of family that’s attended Virginia Tech. So, in the absence of being in the good cheer spirit with my family, I’m typically a Hokies fan.  I’m pretty hopeful for them again this year, although I know there’s quite a talented slate of teams that they’re up against.”

TRIBUNE: Kenny, again, thank you so much for the chat and having some fun with me on some of these crazy questions, and congratulations on ‘Did It For The Party.’ BIG & RICH (Big Kenny): Thank you so much. Appreciate you, Janice, big time.

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