By Ron Wynn

ABC (locally WRKN-2) will debut next week a new show that spotlights vital and important Black women, some well known and others that haven’t gotten their just due. “Women Of The Movement” debuts Jan. 6, and the first subject is a woman whose tragic and horrible loss provided a national boost to the Civil Rights Movement. Mamie Till Mobley’s son Emmett was brutally murdered and tortured in Mississippi for allegedly whistling at a white woman. Till Mobley decided to have her son’s casket remain open at his funeral, allowing the world to see first hand the viciousness and brutality of overt racism.

Adrienne Warren portrays Mobley in the new series. She joins executive producer/showrunner Marissa Jo Cerar and other stars Ray Fisher and Glenn Turman in a promotional clip available on the website Shadow and Act. They dis Mobley’s  impact on the Movement and how that decision shocked many nationally and internationally. Mobley also became an activist fighting for Civil Rights and Social Justice in the wake of her son’s death.

A number of famous people and studios are collaborating on this project. Other executive producers include Jay-Z, Jay Brown and Tyran Smith for Roc Nation, Will Smith and James Lassiter for Overbook Productions, Rosanna Grace for Serendipity Group Inc., Alex Foster and John Powers Middleton for the Middleton Media Group, and Mazo Partners David Clark and Gina Prince-Bythewood. Prince-Bythewood is also directing this episode.