Nashville, TN (TN Tribune)–The Metropolitan Trustee’s Office recently announced that delinquent real properties tax roll turnover dropped to an all-time low. 1,743 parcels were turned over to the Clerk and Masters’ Office in March 2021.

The number of delinquent real properties was 2,356 parcels in March of 2020. With this significant drop between 2020 and 2021, 613 people were able to retain their properties and avoid court cost.
Traditionally, for many a home or acquisition of property is one of the most significant purchases a person will make throughout their lifetime. Recognizing this fact, “Important Tax Notices” were mailed to property owners in the month of May and June.
These courtesy notices informed property owners if their property taxes were not paid as of February 28th.  The Tennessee Code Annotated states, bills not paid in full before March 1st are delinquent and 1.5% interest accrues the first day of each month until taxes are paid in full. To assist property owners from falling behind on taxes, there is a suggested amount on the October bill to help them pay their taxes in full by February 28th.
What A Property Owner Should Do if a bill is not received:
  1. Ask for an emailed or mailed copy to be sent or call the office 615-862-6330.
  2. Go To eGov – Metropolitan Nashville ( This option allows a property owner to locate and pay their bill.
If a taxpayer does not receive a tax bill in the mail by November, they should contact the office at 615-862-6330.
Taxes are always avaliable online at eGov – Metropolitan Nashville ( A property owner may pay their taxes online unless their taxes are delinquent for 2019. Any taxes before 2019 must be paid in the office or over the phone.
Property Tax Timeline:
  1. October 4th  New Property Tax Cycle
  2. February 28th Taxes Due
  3. March 1st Interest Accrual Begins
  4. June Delinquent Notices
  5. March 1st Following Year (12 Months Interest Accrued,  Only in office payments are accepted)
  6. March 31st Following Year (Turned over to Clerk and Masters’ Office, Legal, Attorney Fee’s, Processing Fees Applied)
Please know that scam artists are mailing letters to property owners concerning potential delinquent taxes with offers to help.This communication is not from our office. The Metropolitan Trustee’s Office uses the  seal and official letterhead to communicate, please discard, and call us immediately at 615-862-6330 if you are the recipient of this information.
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