Kristen Welker became the first Black woman journalist to take over the moderator position for “Meet The Press” this past Sunday. The show is the oldest program on broadcast television.

By Ron Wynn

NASHVILLE, TN — Television history was made this past Sunday when journalist Kristen Welker became the new moderator of “Meet The Press.” She began with an explosive segment, an interview with former President Donald Trump.

“Meet The Press” is the oldest and longest running program on television. It began in 1947. Welker becomes the 13th moderator, second woman, and first Black journalist to serve in that role. She succeeds Chuck Todd, who was moderator for nine years. Welker has been with NBC News since 2010. She has covered the White House since 2011, and most recently has been in charge of NBC coverage of the Biden Administration. 

She moderated the first presidential debate between former President Trump and current President Biden in October 2020, and also covered Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign. 

Welker is the first person of color to host or anchor any Sunday morning news show. She joins women hosts on ABC, CBS, Fox News and CNN.

“It is incredibly humbling,” Welker told USA Today. “And I think that if you asked my mother, She would tell you that the fact I am the first person of color taking over the moderator’s chair is significant for me. I am going to be focused on continuing the great legacy and mission of “Meet The Press,” which is to make sure that we are holding our elected officials to account, holding their feet to thr fire, making sure that I’m asking tough questions.”