By Austin Newell

NASHVILLE, TN — It’s no question that to most, music is what gives Nashville its identity. It’s also why, in celebration of Black History Month, BNA is hosting a variety of performances from African American artists across the Metropolitan area. 

This is BNA’s 7th year hosting the event. So far, three performances have already been played, but travelers coming and going from Nashville on the 24th between noon and 2pm can still expect to be greeted with a cacophony of sounds from The 474 Band, featuring PMRnB. The event is free to attend. 

Outside of Black History Month, BNA does musical performances every day, year round. The performances are designed to spotlight local artists. 

“When you think about music city, it’s hard to imagine Nashville without music,” said Stacey Nickens, Associate Vice President of Corporate Communications at BNA. “So what would Nashville’s airport be without music being the first and last impression that you see in the city?”

One such artist spotlighted was Roz Malone. Malone played last Tuesday. The saxophonist and vocalist emphasized how nice it was to work with BNA, and also that the entire event has helped her realize that she’d like to play more live music in the future. 

Nickens says that this kind of exposure is what the event is all about.

“Normally people don’t get to these type of stages and these type of audiences to meet such a diverse group of people coming through. And we just hope that someone gets to engage with them. Maybe it’s a larger performance that they’re invited to. Some way to raise the awareness of the great work that they’re already doing.”