David Hayes is arrested outside the meeting room of the city council meeting by officers from Knox County.

By Vivian Shipe

KNOXVILLE, TN — David Hayes laid on the floor as he was being handcuffed and arrested by the Knox County Sheriff Department at a meeting where Knoxville City Police Department officers had been asked not to attend.

Sheriff Spangler released a statement that they were called and told by a city police officer that Hayes would be at the meeting and that he had outstanding warrants  pertaining to his participation in a peaceful protest in 2021 

Hayes was arrested as soon as he stepped outside the doors of the assembly room of the city county building during a meeting  that was being held to gather public input on the next Knoxville chief of police to hired as Chief Thomas will be retiring in the spring.

Questions raised to both Chief Thomas and Mayor Kinncannon about the arrest have not been answered.