Nashville, Tenn.—Owners of a historic black-owned Christian Publishing Company found a box painted with the Confederate flag hanging from a tree on property owned by the business.

LaDonna Boyd, CEO of the R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation, discovered the box on Wednesday at her business located on Jefferson Street, a historically black area of North Nashville.

Boyd said the act was an intentional act of intimidation and she would like it pursued as a hate crime.

“We’re not afraid, we’re not intimidated, we’re not going to stand for this and tolerate this, and they should be warned that we are certainly going to press charges, and make sure that we’re able to get full justice,” Boyd said during an interview.

According to reports, surrounding businesses are scanning surveillance footage for information that could help lead to a suspect.

Founded in 1896 by Rev. Dr. Richard Henry Boyd, the R.H. Boyd Publishing Corporation produces, publishes, and distributes Christian education resources, materials, and church supplies.