Charles Starks, President/CEO of Music City Center, left, with H. Beecher Hicks, III, president and CEO of NMAAM

NASHVILLE, TN — The Convention Center Authority voted unanimously this morning to provide $6 million to the National Museum of African American Music (NMAAM), which will include the Francis S. Guess Roots Theater presented by Music City Center. This is a natural extension of MCC’s commitment to the museum as it honors the vision of Francis S. Guess.

Guess, a dedicated business leader and civil rights activist, was a trailblazer for NMAAM. He joined the CCA in 2011 and remained on the board until the time of his death in 2015.

“Francis S. Guess was a tireless advocate for the museum knowing it would be a world-wide monumental addition to Music City,” said Charles Starks, President/CEO of Music City Center. “As we invest in the National Museum of African American Music and therefore our city, we commemorate his vision and recognize music is a powerful connector of diverse groups.”

NMAAM is located at the former site of the Nashville Convention Center. In 2013, MCC issued a RFQ at the request of Metro for the redevelopment of the old Nashville Convention Center with a requirement that the museum be included. In addition MCC is building a parking garage that will be leased back to the developer and benefit the museum. 

“MCC recognizes the strength of inclusivity and values the contributions of diverse business partners,” said Starks. “We celebrate another authentic Nashville experience that will attract the local community as well visitors and conventioneers from around the globe attending events at Music City Center.”