Sh’Niya Horn’s busy life is a testament to her faith in God and her service to the country.

NASHVILLE- When Sh’Niya Horn steps into a room, her 6’2 frame will allow you to know that she is somebody special. What people don’t automatically know is she is a full time student at Fisk University where she plays basketball, an Army Reservist, works part-time and the newly crowned Miss Black Clarksville (TN.). The junior believes her faith in God and her dedication to her military commitment is what keeps her focused.

“It’s not easy as much as I do, ” said Horn. “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t tough. My Savior keeps my spirit at ease and my heart grounded. I always begin and end my day in prayer.”

The CORVID-19 pandemic has delayed Horn’s pageant platform which is mental health awareness. With basketball season over, a typical day now for Horn doing her job then school work. She stays ready just in case her army company is called for duty.

Sh’Niya Horn

“It’s an honor to serve in the United States Army Reserves. The army has helped to mold me into a mentally and physically tough young woman. It’s my duty to do as much as I can for others,” Horn added.

Fisk junior Sh’Niya Horn is the 2020 Miss Black Clarksville (Photo contributed)

Horn being 6’2” has its advantages. On the court, she helped her team finish the season on a winning streak. Her commitment to the army forced her to miss the first half of the season. The team went 4-4 in games that she played in, with her contributing six rebounds and four blocks in the final game of the year. Off the court, her beauty, poise and dexterity helped her win Miss Black Clarksville. Fisk University head coach Janine Davis is proud to have her on her team.

“Sh’Niya is one of the most respectful young ladies that I have ever coached,” said Davis. “She dedicates herself to everything that she is a part of. She came back second semester and was willing to fight for her spot day. Her work ethic and willingness to learn was amazing. I was so proud of her for winning Miss Black Clarksville. She accomplished something great while balancing a strenuous basketball schedule and maintaining her academic work.”

Sh’Niya Horn (middle with hood and long hair) and her Fisk University women’s basketball teammates.