l-r; “Joined at the Flip” co-stars and exes, DeRon Jenkins and Page Turner

By Keena Day

NASHVILLE, TN – HGTV is looking to diversify its appeal. And the home flipping franchise decided to start in Nashville with two dynamic black entrepreneurs.

“Joined at the FLIP”, a show about two exes working together to flip properties in Nashville and Atlanta premiered at a red carpet party at WKND Hang Suite this past week.

“The premise is that we are flipping homes. The backdrop is we dated, so we’re exes, but we still work together. There is no drama, but we still butt heads, and that makes it interesting,” said DeRon Jenkins, co-star of the show.

The show centers around real estate agent Page Turner and her ex-beau builder/contractor DeRon Jenkins. Turner is the principal owner and broker of EGAP Real Estate Inc., in Nashville, TN. Having worked under greats such as Earvin “Magic” Johnson and Spike Lee, Turner serves as a Business Development Coach and a Vision Strategist, and is the former President of the Nashville Chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers. DeRon Jenkins is the owner of DY Construction, LLC and is a former NFL player (including with the Tennessee Titans) turned custom home developer. The pair have worked together over a decade, having learned the real estate business inside and out, and willing to fight the market and each other to get the best return on their investment.

“Everybody wants to see a good before, during, and after shot on the houses. The audience is really into the finished product. That was really, really important to [HGTV]. Yeah, you’ve got to have some entertainment in between, but the reality is they want to see a good real estate agent find a property, a great contractor complete the task, make it beautiful, make it special, and the house sells. That’s the basis to the show.”