Nashville Tennessee Skyline Aerial.

NASHVILLE, TN — Dr. Chris Jackson, president of the Interdenominational Ministers Fellowship and pastor of Pleasant Green Baptist Church today urged fellow faith leaders from across Nashville to stand in solidarity against the “hostile” referendum being pushed by a group of radical extremists, adding his voice to the growing chorus of influential Nashville leaders taking a public stand against the damaging  measure.

“This referendum – and it’s efforts to undermine our city – is not a debate over math or budgets or making our government work better,” president Jackson said.  “At the end of the day, this referendum is a question about our values.  It is a question about what we want to be as a city.  And most importantly, it is a test of our collective commitment — as members of the Nashville community — to serving the most vulnerable among us as we work to ensure a good quality of life for us all.  

“We must do more than pray that all Nashvillians see this hostile effort for what it is,” Jackson added.  “I urge faith leaders from across Nashville to join me as we raise awareness and understanding among our congregants and issue a call to action against this dangerous referendum.”