Jacob Hood's photo by Dearius Marlow
McKinley Young Jr.
Hillsboro High School football player Jacob Hood Photo by Dearius Marlow

Each week, McKinley Young Jr. of Bench Press Reloaded catches up with some of the top athletes in the Metropolitan Nashville area. Today’s sit-down was with Hillsboro High School football player Jacob Hood.

Name: Jacob Hood
School: Hillsboro
Sport(s): Football
Class of 2021
Height: 6’8
Weight: 350

McKinley Young Jr. of Bench Press Reloaded: At what age did you fall in love with the game of football?

Jacob Hood: I started loving the game of football at the age of nine and in my first game I put so many people down to the ground, it felt amazing. After that game I knew that this was the sport for me.

Mac: Who are the biggest influences in your life?

Jacob: My biggest influence is definitely my mom, she has been there for me my entire life. She is my rock.

Mac: When you are not playing football, what do you like to do for fun in your spare time?

Jacob: I really enjoy cooking, hiking, and just exploring new places.

Mac: What is your favorite meal to cook and why?

Jacob: My favorite meal to cook is definitely chicken alfredo and it’s because it allows me to be creative with my cooking style.

Mac: What player have you modeled your game after?

Jacob: I model myself after Larry Allen and Jedrick Wills Jr. They are both strong, physical men and I want to impose my will on people.

Mac: What would you like to major in when you go to college?

Jacob: Chemical Engineering or Business

Mac: Being a big time recruit in Tennessee, what would be your Top 10 schools?

Jacob: Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, LSU, Penn State, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Ole Miss, Ohio State, and Austin Peay.

Mac: What is the one thing you want everyone to say about you after you graduate high school?

Jacob: That I never gave up no matter what I went through on or off the field.