By Adrian Mojica

NASHVILLE, TN — Metro Nashville Councilmembers on the Affordable Housing Committee are reminding landlords they cannot evict residents or take such actions of an eviction process without permission from the courts.

The letter reminds landlords they cannot conduct “self-help” actions such as changing locks, turning off utilities, or removing belongings during the COVID-19 crisis. Currently, evictions are not being processed by the General Sessions Courts of Metro Nashville and the Davidson County Sheriff is not serving or enforcing eviction notices.

Under the law, landlords cannot evict tenants without permission from the courts. The letter states despite the fact courts are closed, members have heard of landlords conducting “unauthorized” activity.

“With the courts closed, we have heard reports of increased unauthorized self-help activity by landlords. Such activity requires express permission from the courts and must not happen without said permission,” the letter states.

The councilmembers also call on landlords to be patient during “unprecedented” times.

“Nashvillians have been hit hard by this sudden economic slowdown. Many are still recovering from the impact of March 3rd’s deadly tornado. We ask that Nashville’s landlords be understanding of these unprecedented circumstances and show grace and kindness to one another as we work through this crisis and return to normalcy.”