NASHVILLE, Tenn. August 30, 2023 – The Nashville Fire Department added a new ambulance to respond to all-hazards emergency medical calls in Metro Nashville Davidson County.

Director Chief William Swann

Medic 24 is a newly added Advanced Life Support ambulance to the Nashville Metro and Davidson County area which brings the total number of full-time ambulances to 32. This ambulance will be in service to provide 24/7 emergency medical services.

Medic 24’s territory is primarily located in the growing Northwest Nashville, (Bordeaux area). Having Medic 24 in this area adds emergency medical response to support residents and local businesses in the area.

This new ambulance will also reduce ambulances stationed in other territories from responding to the Bordeaux area as often. This emergency response ambulance is expected to help reduce response times and run volumes for all medic units.

Even though Medic 24 will be assigned primarily in the Northwest Nashville area, it is available to respond city-wide as needed.

“Our department continues to grow, and we can add more ambulance coverage to the community as a result of the additional staffing provided through Metro Nashville Davidson County’s Operating Budget.” Director Chief William Swann said. We are constantly assessing our call volume and the best way to better serve the residents and visitors of our community.”

The Nashville Fire Department is one of the busiest emergency medical service providers in the Nation.

“It is important for us to continue to expand with the city,” Deputy Director of EMS Operations Fred Smith said. “Not only will this additional ambulance help us reduce response times, but Medic 24 will also help relieve the heavy workload our EMS professionals already have due to the high call volume.

In 2022, NFD Personnel made more than 254,550 medical responses. It was an 8 percent increase when compared to 2021. (235,250)

NFD’s EMS division made 81,990 EMS Transports in 2022. That was a 4 percent increase when compared to 2021.