(Nashville, TN,)  In celebration of Preservation Month, the Haynes Heights Neighborhood Association will be honored with the Metro Historic Zoning Commission’s first Leadership Recognition on May 17, 2pm at the Sonny West Conference Center.  The recognition honors a neighborhood association, merchants association or individual that has, through their leadership, made outstanding contributions to their community and worked towards preservation and education regarding the history of their neighborhood/district.  The winners of this recognition inspire others to take action in their communities.  In attendance will be Councilmember Toombs, neighborhood association president Quinta Martin, and neighborhood property owners.

Haynes Heights is honored as the first historic overlay that tells the story of a neighborhood developed for African Americans during the “Jim Crow” era when Black residents created their own communities within the context of redlining and other discriminatory policies and the first overlay that protects mid-century architectural styles, such as Ranches and Split Levels.  Property owners were instrumental in obtaining this protection of their history with a historic zoning overlay and accomplished the task during COVID, just as they have been the key force to prevent rezonings over the year that would likely have resulted in the loss of this important neighborhood.  The MHZC is proud to honor the association’s many efforts towards preserving their story and their neighborhood during Preservation Month.