Country music artist Reyna Roberts was born in Alaska but now resides in Nashville.

By Logan Langlois

NASHVILLE, TN — Reyna Roberts, upcoming Epic Records country music artist, talks about her recently released single, upcoming album, writing process, and what her experience has been in Nashville trying to make it in Music City’s music industry as a Black woman. Born in Alaska but largely growing up in California before moving to Nashville, Roberts would receive recognition from numerous women in country music early in her career, such names including Mickey Guyton, Reba McEntire, Jamey Johnson, and Carrie Underwood. After discovering newfound support from industry heroes, fans, and family, Roberts decided to move to Nashville to make a name for herself in country music. 

Upon arriving in the capital of country, Roberts said she knew she wasn’t the Nashville stereotype. 

“One of the things that I’ve ran into … being in Nashville has been, people wondering about my authenticity, like if I actually love country music, if I’m trying to use country music as like a stepping stone to get somewhere else,” Roberts reflected. 

“But I do feel like one beautiful thing is that when people meet me and when they see my personality, they listen to me speak, they know that what I’m doing is authentic to me and that I’m just creating music that I love.” 

Roberts continued that she’s experienced a lot of people commenting that they’re not exactly sure whether a song of hers is country when it includes elements of pop, hip-hop, or trap. However, she also comments that when other musicians release music utilizing those same elements she uses in their music, their “country” status is never questioned. 

“I already knew going into country music that there would be certain situations where people will look at me differently than they do other country artists,” Roberts said. 

“That’s just what I have to deal with until one day I don’t anymore.” 

While building connections with different agencies within Nashville, Roberts obtained sponsorship from the car insurance agency The General through Epic Records. The sponsorship involved being one of several artists to record their vocals for an upcoming song of theirs inside The General Sound Studio. 

“It’s one of a kinda like, I love doing things that haven’t been done before and to my knowledge creating a studio in a truck has not been done before,” Roberts said. “It’s something that’s completely different but it doesn’t feel out of place. It doesn’t feel awkward or weird, it’s exciting.”

Her recent single One Way Street is a marker event in the artist’s career, as it is not only the first recorded ballad she’s released, but she says it also feels like an opportunity for her to show her fans another side of herself. Upon arriving in the country music scene Roberts made a name for herself releasing more feel-good tracks, but now she feels like she’s able to tackle something with more depth. 

“Funny enough what I love to write most are ballads. I just hadn’t released one. When I got to Nashville I kinda wanted to have this image of being more rowdy, more party-esque.” Roberts said. 

Her inspiration for her song was an unrequited love with a longtime friend, saying “You’re stuck … there’s no other way to go.” The pre-save link to save Reyna Roberts’ upcoming album Bad Girl Bible can be found at: 

Reyna Roberts can be followed on social media under @thereynaroberts as well as on her website