Ben Friesen Photo by Jonathan Snorten

NASHVILLE, TN — Nashville Repertory Theatre proudly presents The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, a breathtaking theatrical masterpiece adapted by Simon Stephens from Mark Haddon’s bestselling novel. This eagerly anticipated production runs from March 24 to April 2, 2023, at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, and marks the first show directed by Micah-Shane Brewer since he was named Artistic Director in January of 2023 after directing Mary Poppins, Rent, and Elf the Musical this past year.

“At the heart of the play is a story about understanding others and overcoming fears,” says Brewer. “The character of Christopher sees the world in a different and special way, unlike anyone else around him.  As a society, we’re often very quick to label things, people, and situations.  We often spend our time feeling perplexed at why other people are behaving in a certain way.  We can empathize with people more when we learn to see the way they process the world. The job of the play is to try to create a space for the audience to see the world through Christopher’s eyes.  Along the way, we learn truths about empathy, survival, love, and kindness. “

This production promises to be a stunning visual and emotional journey through the mind of Christopher Boone, a young man with an extraordinary brain. The story follows Christopher’s quest to solve the mystery of a neighbor’s dog’s death while navigating his complex relationships with his family and community. While the play doesn’t specify in what way Christopher is neurodivergent, he exhibits many of the characteristics of an individual on the autism spectrum. His unique perspective on the world creates challenges that he must overcome in order to uncover the truth, and in doing so, he discovers more about himself and the world around him.

This artistic and mesmerizing production is brought to life by an exceptional cast and crew. The talented Ben Friesen takes on the role of Christopher Boone, while Nat McIntyre plays his father, Ed Boone, and Lauren Berst portrays his mother, Judy Boone. Sejal Mehta plays Siobhan, Christopher’s mentor, with Kristine Chandler Kim, Eric D. Pasto-Crosby, Wesley Paine, Dennis Elkins, JR Robles, and Joy Pointe rounding out the ensemble, portraying all the other characters.

The production features stunning Scenic & Projections Designed by Cody Stockstill, Costumes Designed by Mellissa K. Durmon, Lighting Designed by Darren Levin, Sound Designed and Composed by Gregg Perry, Dialect Coaching by Katie Cunningham, Fight Choreography by Eric D. Pasto-Crosby and Stage Managed by Wilhelm Peters, this production is a true work of art.

“I first saw The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time in a large theatre in its original Broadway run in 2015,” says Executive Director Drew Ogle. “I immediately thought it was great, but wouldn’t it be amazing in a more intimate space, where the audience can experience the journey right alongside Christopher? I’m thrilled that Nashville Rep’s production is going to do just that.  Even audiences familiar with the show will have a new, unique experience.”

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a captivating and emotionally resonant play that explores themes of family, relationships, and the human experience. Don’t miss this incredible production, brought to life by some of the most talented artists in Nashville. Performances for this production will be held at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center’s Andrew Johnson Theater, 505 Deaderick Street. For ticket and showtime information, visit 

The final show of Nashville Rep’s 22/23 season is the intimate musical Violet May 12 -21, 2023, for tickets and showtime information, visit or

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