North Star Boys cover for Vanity Teen in August. Photo by Angel Andres

By Alison Decker

NASHVILLE, TN — What started as a group of content creators transitioned into a powerhouse vocal septet of individuals grouped together to form the North Star Boys, an Asian-American creator group and pop band.  

Brothers Sebastian and Oliver Moy, founders of North Star Boys, worked together to form their group in August of 2021, joined by members Regie Macalino, Ryan Nguyen, Justin Phan, Darren Liang, and Kane Ratan. 

They performed Sunday, April 2 at Eastside Bowl in Madison from 8 to 10 pm. Tickets started at $25 with an option to add the VIP shooting start tickets for a pre-party meet and greet with fans. 

Oliver and Sebastian Moy are originally from Ocala, Florida. Today they are a Los Angeles, California based company and write all their own songs. Their first U.S. headline tour has started, and the group hopes it is the first of many. NSB is on a mission to inspire the younger generation of minorities and dreamers by filling the void of Asian-American representation in the media.

Sebastian said, “There’s nothing better than seeing fans face to face. It is everything we have dreamed of.”

Their first hit single “You are My Star” took over the social media platforms and took their fan base by storm. All over TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram, supporters took to social media to share the hashtag #NorthStarBoys and #NSBConcerts. The creators went live interacting with fans in real-time and learned just how special it was to show others they can pursue their dreams. 

Last Fall they toured in California, Texas, and internationally in the Philippines, playing their debut EPs.  “PANIC” released on March 3 and included songs “MIRACLE”, “MISERY”, and the title track, “PANIC”. They are currently working on writing and recording new songs this year to release on their platforms. 

Together they have a very large fan base, with a whooping 5.5 million followers. Oliver Moy has 1.5 million followers on Instagram and 11.9 million on TikTok. Sebastian has 1.7 million on Instagram and 10.6 million on TikTok. Social media has been a catalyst that helped the group release their talent to the public; they participated in trending dances and singing challenges on TikTok. Their videos represent their life and the people in their lives that encourage and support them.

 They were the first Asian-American group on TikTok, which encouraged others to join and share their passions as well. They made over 200 songs together and began working with producers. Now, they are on their music journey and have been on podcasts such as Making Moves Podcast with TK and Regie, Victory Podcast, and Hollywood Wayz. They use their Snapchat platform to stream the live shows, which gives viewers that may not be able to come and see them a chance to enjoy their show. 

Oliver Moy said, “People follow people on social media for all different reasons whether it is their comedy they enjoy acting or music, but I believe that our followers follow us because of our personality, our interactions amongst ourselves and our fans.”

Their hope for the future is to continue to inspire other young Asian-American creators and singers to chase their dreams. Additional international shows are spreading their message of love and hope across the world. 

Sebastian said, “I would love for us to be able to travel to Europe, South America, Asia, Africa and Antarctica, and to be able to share our music with everyone.”