Cam Lewis

Former Overton High School star Cameron Lewis basketball career has been somewhat of a whirlwind. After high school, he signed to play crosstown at Fisk University. At Fisk he was able to cut his teeth and make strides nationally as a star player. His junior year, he earned All-American status in the NAIA and was named Gulf Coast Athletic Conference Player of the Year. That same year, Fisk was a favorite to win the GCAC. Another local star Darrell Miller of Hillsboro was coming off an All-American season himself. After being cleared by the NCAA Clearinghouse, Fisk deemed Miller ineligible in the second semester. Losing Miller hurt the season. After the season Lewis decided to transfer to Freed-Hardeman (TN.) University.

“I appreciate my time at Fisk because it put my name out there,” said Lewis. “My transfer to Freed definitely helped with me as well. We made it to nationals and there were a lot of scouts there. I received a ring for winning our conference. It also gave me the opportunity to play in the NAIA all-star game. All of those things gave me exposure.”

Lewis now will get a chance to show his mettle for Club de Basketball Centauros in the Chihuahua League in Mexico. Lewis credits a plethora of people for helping him to get where he is. Three main people he acclaims is Miller, his childhood friend Boston Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts and his mother Tonya Duff.

“I watched my mother’s work ethic and tried to apply it to me,” said Lewis. She is tireless and wants me to be the same way. Mookie calls me all the time and makes me get up and work. Watching him succeed gives me inspiration. Darrell was the toughest person I have ever had to practice with. He would be on me to make me better. My junior year was spent in the gym.

Lewis will be heading to Mexico on January 31st. Miller and Lewis are still in constant contact each other and still trash talk. According to Miller, Lewis is always trying to one up him. He will get that chance in Mexico. Though he has not met any of his teammates as of yet, his goal is to not return until June. That’s when the league playoffs are over.

“I want us to win it all and I will do everything in my power to get it done. Darrell dominated overseas this past year so I need to beat him out. Winning it all will give me some bragging rights over him. It’s like little brother trying to finally beat his big brother.”





Cam Lewis
(L-R) Pernell Secrest, Cam Lewis, Scott Wallace and Darrell Miller