“Sesame Street” has often introduced new Muppets to teach children about topics like autism, HIV and homelessness. Now, the show’s two newest characters, 5-year-old Wes and his father Elijah, will offer a lesson on race, Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit behind the iconic children’s show, announced this week.

The show launched several new “ABC’s of Racial Literacy” resources to teach parents and children about race and racism. In one video, Elmo wants to know why his friend Wes’ skin is brown. Wes’ dad, Elijah, explains melanin.

“The color of our skin is important to who we are, but we should all know that it’s okay that we all look different in so many ways,” Elijah says.

“Things on the outside, like our skin color, our hair texture, our noses, our mouths and eyes, make us who we are. Many people call this race,” Elijah continues. “But, even though we look different, we’re all part of the human race.”

Explaining Race by Sesame Street In Communities on YouTube

The characters also sing a song called “Giant,” which is “a celebration of pride, self-esteem, cultural diversity, and big dreams for children’s future,” Sesame Workshop says.

This is just one new learning resource that is part of Sesame Workshop’s Coming Together initiative, which is the nonprofit’s commitment to racial justice.