Escape to a picturesque fairy tale land within minutes outside of Knoxville. The Ancient Lore Village, a magical place, awaits discovery. I ventured to the village with my two adult sons and we found pure tranquility and mutual joy in what was truly pages from a storybook.

The luxury resort spares no expense as every inch captures the descriptions from the book Bokees Trek, Outcasts to the Inner Earth by author Tom Boyd. The features of the village mimic Lord of the Rings, with whimsical homes offering distinct characteristics.

There are six themed cottages to choose from. We stayed in the Waterfall Villa, which has a small waterfall flowing from atop the thatched roof. Inside, there is one wall lined with white birch, serving as a focal point and theme for the interior decor. The cozy cottage is delicately balanced with soft grey accents, natural wood and white backdrops. It is a haven of rest for all who enter. The plush bedding and soft, cozy rooms ensure travelers of a good night’s rest.

Outdoor activities include archery and ax throwing. There are also beautiful hiking trails through rich green forests.

The Ancient Lores is one of three dimensions, as described in the book. The cast of characters include elves, leprechauns, fairies, gremlins and yetis. These diverse creatures come together in rich celebration, which is symbolic of unity and acceptance of all beings. The spirit of togetherness is strong in the design of the village, where we gathered together with fellow travelers around the firepit. It was magical as diverse guests from all walks came together for conversation. It was a gentle reminder of what we are all supposed to be, accepting of one another while celebrating togetherness.

The Ancient Lore Village is an immersive experience into another world, and convenient for a quick weekend getaway. The venue is also available for corporate retreats, weddings and more.

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