Nashville, TN (TN Tribune)–The Equity Alliance is launching Tennessee’s first ALL BLACK specialty plate. The organization’s goal is to sell 1,000 pre-orders by June 2022, in order for the plates to go into production.

The new license plate is available to anyone with a vehicle registered in Tennessee. 

The Equity Alliance is a leading Black-led grassroots organization in Tennessee promoting intentional, unapologetic, innovative, and culturally relevant year-round civic engagement among Black communities, while providing our communities with the tools and knowledge we need to be self-determining and create sustainable change. The organization strives to get more people of color active in the political process and to increase civic participation as a means to achieving social and economic justice.

The cost of the new license plate is $35, with $31 going to support the organization and its work, and $4 going to the State of Tennessee for the production of the license plate.

Click here to order.

If the 1,000 plate goal is reached, production will begin during the summer of 2022, and your local county clerk’s office will notify you when your plate is ready for pickup.  

The Equity Alliance will make strong efforts to pre-sell the license plate to as many Tennesseans as possible.  The organization has until June 2022, and if necessary, could file for an extension.  If time expires, proceeds from the pre-sales will be considered as fully tax-deductible donations to The Equity Alliance.

After 1,000 pre-sales are collected, the funds and donor information are transferred to the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue. Pre-sales are closed while the state begins production of the plates. Moving forward, plates will be sold exclusively through the State of Tennessee Department of Revenue.