Nashville, TN (TN Tribune)–CPRWrap announced that it has been awarded a utility patent, ensuring that the unique product, created by Felicia Jackson, remains one of a kind. Jackson created the CPRWrap after she forgot all of her training during her son’s choking incident, even as a CPR-certified medical professional.
CPRWrap is an instructional template with integrated mouth barrier designed to guide an individual through the American Heart Association’s recommended steps for administering CPR. The guide is affordable and compact at just 3.5 inches wide, making it the perfect life-saving addition to a first-aid kit or AED in a home, school, office, airport, or any public space.
CPRWrap earned the utility patent due to five factors making it unlike any other CPR kit. These unique qualities include:
  1. Protection from blood and drug residue contaminants thanks to head-to-torso coverage
  2. An all-in-one template with an attached one-way valve mouth barrier, visual hand placements, and written instructions for administering CPR
  3. Translation of the text into any language for global usage
  4. Availability to all age ranges, including newborns
  5. Compact size and affordability for any socio-economic region in the world
With CPRWrap, users can be prepared to provide CPR safely (and most important, correctly) in a moment’s notice, even during times of panic. This utility patent brings Felicia Jackson and CPRWrap one step closer to the goal of giving everyone the power to save a life, regardless of their experiences or background.